It’s all over the broadsheets I don’t even want to peep into tabloids! Parents fined for child’s lateness! How about 8.45am school start is about as useful as a chalk board!
Let’s talk about flexible school start times.

Name me a teacher who is not in before 7.30am. Now tell me a working parent in the public sector who has a choice when to start work or an employee in the private sector who is not on the back foot arriving after colleagues?

The government have been slowly recognising the need for breakfast club, although I’m not sure a bowl of cornflakes amongst a small gathering of unknown children and staff is the answer.
However it is a start in recognising the need for flexible school opening time before the formal 8.45am school bell chimes.
Primary school children deserve to be in the presence of a warm and caring face with the environment to be welcoming. Encouraging quiet reading, chatter & laughter in their familiar and safe classrooms. It’s not difficult for a few games to be set out to encourage collaboration, construction & technology for purpose under the watchful eye of a classroom TA who can extend their hours to implement such a simple solution.
However, 8.45am alone can still prove challenging, although we all know an extra half hour would make little difference. Having 3 children of my own within 3.5 years of each other, I have experienced the trials and tribulations of last minute nappy change, accident, tantrums and the last thing I would appreciate is a fine for trying my best to get there on time! In fact it would annoy me so much I would refuse to pay and end up in the tabloids as teacher behind bars!

Flexible opening times before 8.45 solves traffic congestion and working parents lives – not to mention children in different schools. It’s is a no brainer for me. Admittedly 8.45 is a decent cut off. But fining parents whom the school know is just a busy working parent is just a step too far.…/Fining-parents-of-schoolchildr…