School place announcements hours away & we feel your angst. Please let us share that although the majority of families will get a choice that will sit comfortably with family life, there will be a few that are heartbroken. Some will choose to scramble for private, others will hold on to hope of waiting lists and others may just cry.
Having supported parents over 10 years we know that for those few families, the next few weeks will cause torment.
However, have faith that the initial feeling of devastation does lessen as your child starts making friends in their new school.
Your child knows no difference and the pain belongs to us as parents.
If you’d rather hold on to hope, waiting lists have lots of movement and keep checking as you never know what the future holds.
On a final note, although it sounds a long way off, many of the best primary schools reduce from 30 to 22 children in a class after year 2 as the students are accepted into leading Private schools with the 7+.
Hope this helps us to breathe in safe knowledge that whatever the news, your child will be happy, make friends and enjoy learning which ever school they are accepted into.

Good luck. We are rooting for you.