Here’s the facts from GOV.UK.

I’ve personally been supporting the Flexible Schools Admission campaign and thrilled that mothers have been heard! It’s too late for one of my sons. The boy who has cried every day for the last year, distressed by the prospect of school.
As a professional, it’s as clear as daylight that the school my children attend is exceptional in every way.
Yet the amount of emotional distress forcing him into Reception after just turning 4 will continue to have a detrimental effect on his perception of learning.
Ironically the exact opposite of what as Founder of Parent Education Consultancy I’m trying to conquer!
Congratulations to all the mothers who have campaigned and saved the future of Summer born kids pushed into an environment they are not ready for.
A huge success story and all of us at Parent Education Consultancy salute you.

Sandra Nardi
Founder Parent Education Consultancy