The founder of Parent Education Consultancy, Sandra Nardi was invited on Sky News for a live debate with Kay Burley, discussing the media hype surrounding the SATs boycott, as parents protested on 3 May 2016.

Thousands of primary schools across the UK were affected, as parents staged a ‘kids strike’ boycotting primary school tests, which they believed were putting children under unnecessary pressure.

Sandra Nardi argued, “There’s confusion surrounding why parents are boycotting the SATs, and the media frenzy is just creating further anxiety amongst parents and children. I feel sorry for those who are attending school as usual; questioning why some of their classmates are missing and not enjoying a sunny day in the playground. It has to potential in itself to teach children that assessment is ‘bad’ and not part of school life.

“From spelling, grammar checks, phonic screening and end of term topic assessment, children understand the quiet time set aside to demonstrate what they have learnt, and SATs are generally treated in the same way. They are not a pass or fail exam and if delivered correctly, can be a pleasant experience for the child.

“However, the last thing we want is for children to spend time prepping for a literacy or numeracy exam and not embrace what the rich curriculum has to offer in the spring term.

“Until the whole system has an overhaul, I hope we can ignore the media frenzy and remember as teachers and parents, we are our children’s role models. If we are calm, they are calm and look forward to a deeper understanding of how our children are achieving on a national level.”

Click here to see a clip of the interview.