What, what, what? Children stressed out about exams is news? Is it shocking? Surprising that we bombard our teenagers with intense GCSE coursework and back-to-back exams with no compassionate timetable set, and we all gasp that ‘stress levels soar?’ I bet this isn’t news or surprising to mums of teenagers who are sitting GCSE’s this year. We can all sit on our high horse and say… ‘Oooo it’s not as hard as it was in our day’! Guess what? It is. Why is it harder? The questions aren’t harder that’s a given, but they belong in the same era of life before Google!

At Parent Education Consultancy we see the stress with all our teenagers. It’s not tutoring they need out of dull text books but compassion, conversation, documentaries on YouTube, and trips to the theatre to make their education come alive. Learning should be as natural to young people as the world around them.

Simple tip that helps our students: provide them a weekly blank timetable. Help them fill it in by planning which subjects to study on which day. Also put in a few treats in their timetable to break it up.

They need support, care, good food, quiet space or shared leaning opportunities with friends and family. Ultimately every young person deserves to feel deep down whatever they get, we are super proud of them for trying their best and an exciting future lay ahead of them no matter what their grades may be.

Wishing everyone a celebration of their achievements.