Parent Education Consultancy founder, Sandra Nardi was featured in  The Guardian‘s Small Biz Network article ‘Drained by stress, we quit teaching to start thriving businesses‘ written by Emma Sheppard. 

“People always ask me, ‘How can you have three kids and run three companies?’, and I say ‘Because I used to be a primary school teacher’,” says Sandra Nardi. The entrepreneur now runs PR firm Bombshell Consultancy, Parent Education Consultancy (providing support and advice to parents), and Lady Wimbledon, an online lifestyle magazine for south-west London.

“It’s appalling the number of teachers that I saw in tears, broken relationships, the workload, the lack of respect from headteachers […] Myself, I was in tears, [even though] I loved my profession.

“I wanted to carve out a career where I could pick my kids up from school, attend their sports day, be with them if they’re sick. It’s one of those jobs where you literally can’t say ‘I’m not coming in’, because you’ve got 30 kids waiting for you. And that emotional pressure is insane.”

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