Exam Pressure – Sky Debate

Sandra Nardi, founder of Parent Education Consultancy was interviewed live on Sky News by Colin Brazier on 17 August 2016, discussing the enormous amount of pressure students face  at school and addressing the 20% rise in phone calls to NSPCC’s Childline over exam stress.  […]

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Live Sky Debate – Sandra Nardi, Founder Parent Education Consultancy

The founder of Parent Education Consultancy, Sandra Nardi was invited on Sky News for a live debate with Kay Burley, discussing the media hype surrounding the SATs boycott, as parents protested on 3 May 2016. […]

The Benefits of Open Days

As Spring marches towards us, in the world of education this leads to Open Days, when schools all over the country open their doors for prospective parents to get a feel of the schools they are considering for their children. 


Open Mornings are a great way of gaining an understanding of what a particular school offers. […]

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Nutrition is the Key to Learning

Healthy Kids, Happy You!
It can be a challenge feeding your children foods they enjoy while ensuring sure they get great quality nutrition too. With so much food info out there, and so often conflicting, it’s all too easy to feel confused and overwhelmed as to what really is best. Confusion likely leads to taking a shot in the dark and hoping you’re doing the right thing for your child.


Summer Born Children to get the right to start school later


Here’s the facts from GOV.UK.

I’ve personally been supporting the Flexible Schools Admission campaign and thrilled that mothers have been heard! It’s too late for one of my sons. The boy who has cried every day for the last year, distressed by the prospect of school.
As a professional, it’s as clear as daylight that the school […]

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Back to School!

It’s a pretty forceful and inevitable call to action every year for all involved…
Retail wants your school pound for uniforms, stationery, clothes and new tech to slide into new bags.
For teachers, it’s the transition between the last bits of pre-term planning, getting the classroom looking like an inspiring learning zone, lamenting the end of the […]

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Dear Parents……

End of Year Report in your hand? Even after teaching 10 years with a sound understanding of the ‘ridiculous’ new expectations of young children, I am concerned how these changed goal posts effect the stress of teachers, anxiety of parents and put silent pressures children.
I know this because it’s as relevant in my house as […]

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“Fining Parents Of School Children Who Are Late For Class Is Wrong”

It’s all over the broadsheets I don’t even want to peep into tabloids! Parents fined for child’s lateness! How about 8.45am school start is about as useful as a chalk board!
Let’s talk about flexible school start times.

Name me a teacher who is not in before 7.30am. Now tell me a working parent in the public sector who has a choice […]

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Brilliant Response From Dad Regarding Childrens’ Absence

Wake up Government to 21st Century education and knock down the Victorian prison walls that trap children’s learning into the classroom and within a controlled curriculum. Technology, family, experiences abroad and dedicated parents all contribute to a child’s education! Well done dad for awesome response.…/dad-s-reply-to-school-on-kids-abs…

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Primary School Places Revealed

School place announcements hours away & we feel your angst. Please let us share that although the majority of families will get a choice that will sit comfortably with family life, there will be a few that are heartbroken. Some will choose to scramble for private, others will hold on to hope of waiting lists […]

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