Sandra Nardi
Sandra NardiFounder & Director
As a mother of 3 young children and experiencing the system from both a teacher and parent point of view, it seemed obvious that parents are reaching out for information to support their child in an environment which can seem competitive and selective with schools and grades.

Living, working & bringing up children in SW London & Surrey, I am acutely aware of the unique pocket of schools in our area. From the best Private schools in the country to the high entrance levels of Grammar and of course our Catholic & local state schools. It is a minefield of social, sport, finance, expectations and aspirations.

We are all on hand to provide you with a clear assessment of your Child’s ability, recommend parent support at home, guidance with schools or tutoring that stimulates a love for learning away from books and into research and experience.

Our Valuable Consultants

Jo Rees
Jo ReesDyslexia Consultant
I have 14 years experience in primary education and have been a successful classroom practitioner, SENCO, inclusion leader and I hold specialist teacher status for dyslexia. I am a lead teacher for SEND in my local authority and am an advocate for person centred approaches when it comes to supporting pupils and their parents. I have worked as part of many steering groups for my local authority including Changing policy and practice for pupils Autistic Spectrum Disorder exploring and strengthening provision and designing the EHCP forms and our story. I have a keen interest in behaviour for learning and see beyond challenging behaviour looking for the reasons and what the behaviour is communicating. I set up several nurture groups and have watched these flourish as pupils make positive progress and go from being at risk of exclusion to being fully integrated back into class. I class myself as an expert in dyslexia as I have several additional qualifications in this including a diploma, but because I have lived with it! I am dyslexic but did not realise until I trained to be a specialist dyslexic teacher! I am also a mummy to 3 children and my eldest son is also dyslexic. I therefore have experience of dyslexia from all sorts of angles… I have real empathy with dyslexic students because I have actually been there, I am still there most days! I recently started a successful blog outlining my experiences of dyslexia as a teacher, parent and dyslexic. I want to raise the profile of this hidden disability and make people more aware of effects on confidence and self-esteem.

I have empathy with teachers, because I know how hard it is to juggle 30 kids needs. I know the pressure to make progress and I know how hard it is to make the little changes that make a big difference because they don’t seem important at the time! I also know what it’s like to watch your own child struggle and battle every day and how you feel helpless as a parent to change it!

I hope to be able to support parents by empowering them to find and use their voice to make the changes needed to better support their child whether this be at home or at school.

Denise Roberts
Denise RobertsSchool Consultant
My passion is to see children develop to become the very best they can and while that involves exposing them to the best education you can afford, that isn’t all it means. I believe children also need to enjoy the experience of learning in their own way in order to reach their greatest potential. This is what every good parent wants for their child but unfortunately in our education system it isn’t always an easy medium to achieve. That’s why I become a schools consultant. I can support parents by helping them select the best schools for their children in and around the North, East and South London areas. I can advise you on the best grammar schools, private schools and the highest performing state schools for your child’s individual personality, talents and aptitude. This includes guidance on how best to prepare your child for entry into their school of choice. My advice is always independent and so will provide you with an unbiased picture of what each school offers, what they look for and how they can help your child flourish. You also get to know what other parents and pupils think of the school.

About Denise Roberts

Inspired by her own experience of supporting her son through the ‘education statementing’ maze Denise launched Parental Eye magazine in 2004 (no longer in print) in order to help parents successfully navigate the UK school system and learn how to work with teachers to help their children reach their full potential. She went on to become an independent reviewer for the Good Schools Guide where she spent seven years interviewing headteachers, teachers, pupils and their parents at some of the best schools in the North London and Essex areas. She also spent five years as a freelance education writer for Junior Magazine and four years as editor of My Child magazine. Today Denise blogs and has a special interest in teaching children independent and critical thinking skills.

Josefina Garcia
Josefina GarciaLanguage & Primary Education Consulant
Josefina Garcia is a qualified language teacher with an imaginative and active approach to teaching, and a mother of 2; Gloria and Oscar. Josefina has 12 years’ language teaching experience in a London school, part of this time leading the school’s Language Department.

Josefina believes in the importance of an early introduction to languages, which has been her ethos to start her latest venture: Nanos Spanish; fun and interactive Spanish classes for little ones.

Sylvie Garvey
Sylvie Garveye-Safety Consultant
Sylvie Garvey of Computer Fitness has vast experience in demystifying IT for home users and families. She provides clear, straightforward and enthusiastic advice and support for families who are struggling with IT issues. Sylvie has three children and after 15 years working in the City, has been running her computer support business around South West London. She has seen her remit expand from PC troubleshooting to include a huge demand for more understanding and implementation of Parental Controls and Internet Safety. Sylvie says: “We’ve all been to the talks at school about safeguarding our kids in the digital age. It can be quite frightening to hear about all the dangers. There is not much guidance on what you have to do practically to safeguard them once you get home and if you are not tech-minded, it can be quite daunting.” Computer Fitness will advise on how best to setup your home technologies to limit the exposure your kids have to the Internet, taking into consideration their age and needs. ”We don’t want to scare our kids; the internet will be an integral part of the work and home lives. We just need to make sure they have a safe environment in which to develop their skills and grow in IT confidence.”
Kate Bodell
Kate BodellEarly Years Specialist
I am a full time mum to two tiny terrors and part-time Primary teacher. My teaching career has taken me around the world and finally to settle in London, where I have worked in a variety of different roles. I am an Early Years/Key Stage 1 practitioner and relish the challenge of coming up with fun ways for children to learn. I have also supported pupils who have English as an Additional Language where the need to think more creatively is essential if they are to keep up to speed with the curriculum. Whatever the child’s background, I see it as my job to encourage a love of learning from a young age. I have also worked in a pre-school setting where it was lovely to really embrace learning through play.

I am an experienced tutor as well, focusing on pupils up to Year 4, supporting them with the demands of the curriculum. My area of expertise is Literacy and language.