Parent Consultancy

As hard working parents, life is busy and we all leave Parents Evening or begin Summer Holidays determined to support our children reach their next targets. However, with all best intentions; Life tends to get in the way and it falls to the bottom of our to do list.

Parent Education Consultancy is devised to support parents find ways to integrate their Childs learning experience into family life that never encroaches on our busy lives. 

It is the antitheses to Tutoring and a more powerful tool to involve and empower parents throughout their education career. 

School Consultancy

Are you considering Pre-school for your child, confused about Church of England admissions policy, reaching 7+ or 11+,  jumping into private, visa versa or madly searching for a really good state school? Perhaps your child is now a young adult who requires support for UCAS or clearing?

We understand the stress of finding the perfect school, college or university for your child to flourish. There may be a difference in the school you aspire to send your child and the school that best suits their development.  With our honest assessments & parent consultancy we can take your hand and guide you through the process. 

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Moving makes up one of the most stressful experience on the list of ‘difficult things in life’. Add to that a new area, sometimes country, with children in tow. Not only do you need to find a house, gp, dentist and any other service, there is the very real question of schools: which is best for your child(ren)? What if your children have additional needs? How much do you know or feel comfortable with about the curriculum? 

Parent Education Consultancy know how difficult these experiences are and can help smooth the journey. With vast knowledge of the local area, great relationships with many schools and the experience to help you access all your children need, educationally. Let us take the weight of the school search for you. 

Additional Education Needs

Additional needs in Education can come in many forms. From supporting children through dyslexia, helping children who have confidence issues, to advising parents and tutors of children with severe behavioural issues, Parent Education Consultancy is here to help. 

We have consultants who specialise in different areas of Special Education Needs, who would be delighted to help hold yours and your child’s hand through the minefield of choosing the right school, how to communicate additional needs with their support workers and advice on how to manage needs in, and out of the classroom.