Forget what Schools, Newspapers, Gossip Websites and School Gates tell you about Tutoring. It exists and is  part of many children’s lives; from helping them catch up, encouraging progression not regression during a long summer holiday and fine tuning high achievers to support entrance exams that they may not have experienced before. 

Tutoring is only an hour a week which is a very small percentage of time of a child’s timetable. Therefore, Parent Education Consultancy are strong advocates for involving parents into their Childs learning and empowering them to understand their Childs ever changing curriculum and incorporate it into everyday life.

We understand busy parents don’t have time to dedicate time every day, so we have very simple methods in taking the stress out of homework battles, creating stronger bonds between learning and home and school whilst encouraging the love of learning in the heart of every family. 

If your child requires tutoring, our ethos is to throw away textbooks and through conversation, technology, writing for purpose and debate we are confident your child or teenager will choose to return to their tutor or workshop eager to expand their knowledge, preparing them for a lifetime of learning about the rich cultural world in which we live. We can find an inspirational tutor near you.